What is Siri?

The Siri app is a voice-controlled personal assistant application designed by Apple. For years, the assistant has been around, and it first appeared on iPhone 4S. Now, the assistant is available on various Apple devices. They include, Mac; HomePod; Apple Watch; iPod touch and on iPad. Over the years, the assistant has avoided being faced out by keeping up with other similar application such as Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Remarkably, the Siri app can be integrated with different devices. In iPhone 6S, give a command to the app immediately after pressing on the Home button. In iPhone X, issue a command to the Siri app while holding the Side button. On Apple watch, say “Hey Siri” while holding down on the Digital Crown.

What’s new in iOS11?

The iOS is the Apple’s mobile operating system for iPad and iPhone. The iOS11 is an updated version of iOS. Apple released the system to the public on September 19, 2017, and it came with a host of improvements and features. These new features include an improved version of Siri; iMessage; Notification Center; Music; Maps; AR; Camera; Car Play; App Store; and iPad.

What can Siri do?

Siri is an in-built personal assistant that is voice controlled and is available for Apple users. The assistant is widely referred to as “she” by the developers. She is an assistant in the sense that it can help you carry some of the operations on your device. The idea here is to talk to her as you would to a friend when you want tasks done.

She assists in carrying out some of the operations such as sending messages or making a dinner reservation. The Siri app offers you a seamless method of interacting with your Mac; HomePod; Apple Watch; iPod touch and on iPad by communicating to her and her talking back to you before she carries out the tasks demanded. Yours is to issue commands, and the app will execute them on your behalf, hands-free.

Siri App Suggestion

Siri App Suggestion is a new application in iOS devices that makes the usage of Apple devices much more comfortable by “predicting” the apps you want to use and to who you want to talk. To be able to access the app swipe to the left of your device’s home screen.

Siri suggestion will show you the recently contacted names in your contact and also the new and the most used applications in your device. Upon swiping the screen to the left, other features will appear on the screen such as the search engines, suggestions for nearby places to visit, news headlines among others. The application is easy to use and saves you the hassle of going through your device searching for frequently contacted names and the most used apps.

As compared to your device’s home screen, Siri App Suggestion provides you with more information. You don’t need to launch an app to access various forms of information such as direction as the Siri app contains all the information that you may need.

How to Turn off Siri App Suggestion

You can turn off Siri App Suggestion entirely or for an individual app. The steps involved in the performing the two operations are as discussed. When you still need to continue using Siri App Suggestion, but you don’t want specific applications to pop up in the suggestion page, all you need to do is to disable it for the applications.

To do this, search for and open the setting application on your device. Once that is done, scroll down to look for the Siri application and tap on it. After opening the app, you will be able to view all the applications that are integrated into the feature or works with it. Next, select all the applications that you no longer need in your device’s search and Siri suggestion page. A button will appear after the selection. Tap it to remove the selected applications.

To turn off the Siri App Suggestion entirely, find the setting application on your device and open it up. Scroll down to find Siri and Search. Tap it then again scroll to find Siri Suggestion and tap. Afterward, toggle off suggestion in Lookup and the Search. For a video on how Siri works: