Svaneke is a beautiful little town with a very consistent architectural style throughout town. If you have time to visit just one town on Bornholm, visit Svaneke.

Svaneke Harbour seen from the South

Svaneke Harbour has been the focus of the town's business activities for many years - fishery and the smoking of fish has all been centered around the harbour. Today the hotels next to the harbour are more central in offering a place to stay for the tourists that are coming to experience Svaneke.

A street in Svaneke

Svaneke is the town in Denmark that has the most hours of sunshine per year. Add to that Svaneke's location in a bowl in the rocks next to the harbour and you have an explanation why you can grow figs and grapes in Svaneke. It has a microclimate all of its own, much like Southern Europe.

A typical half-timbered house

The houses in Svaneke are not that old, relatively speaking, but conform to a common and consistent architectural style that has won Svaneke a Europa Nostra Gold Medal in 1967.

A well maintained Dutch style windmill in Svaneke

There are two windmills in Svaneke, this is the Svanemøllen or Swan Mill from 1864, which was used for business purposes until 1959 when it was protected.

A one family house in Svaneke

To Danes not from Bornholm this is an unusual sight - a house built on rocks. Denmark is generally without any kind of mountains or cliffs, except on Bornholm where it is all there basically is.

A private smokehouse with the Svaneke Lighthouse behind

The Svaneke Lighthouse in the background to the left was built in 1920 because of a shipwreck in 1917 - a coaster hit the rocks during a foggy night only metres away from the harbour and sank, with a 3 man crew aboard. Today the lighthouse is fully automated and there has been no more shipwrecks since its inception. The little smokehouse front right is a typical private family type which is popular for family use.

Svaneke Smokehouse

Of course Svaneke has the Svaneke Smokehouse - no town on Bornholm with any self respect can do without a smokehouse. The Svaneke Smokehouse has taken the liberty of changing the name of an open sandwich with smoked herring on rye and an egg yoke, normally known as Sol over Gudhjem or Sun over Gudhjem, and changed its name to Sol over Svaneke or Sun over Svaneke. Don't be confused, they are identical.


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