Stammershalle Ancient Burial Site

The entrance into the Stammershalle Burial Site on the Bornholm coast

The Stammershalle Burial Site East of Tejn on the North coast of Bornholm dates back to a village here in the Mesolithic time between 9000 and 6400 BC. A number of stone tools from that time have been found during excavations in the area, from when a group of hunter-gatherers lived in a small group of huts here.

The three bauta stones in Stammershalle

Stammershalle was used as a burial site between the late Bronze Age in 1300-1100 BC and the Iron Age around 0-400 AD.

The view West - Tejn on the next peninsula and Allinge further in the distance

This is the view from Stammershalle towards West - the close peninsula is Tejn, and the town further in the hazy background is Allinge.

A burial grave from the Bornze Age in Stammershalle

This is one of the Iron Age graves from 0-400 AD. The grave is a stone coffin surrounded by a circle of smooth round rocks brought up from the coast.

The view East from Stammershalleon Bornholm

This is the view East from Stammershalle. The great view over the sea and along the coast is a typical choice of location for many ancient cultures - the dead were buried at locations with a great view.

A raven on one of the bautas in Stammershalle on Bornholm


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