Rytterknægten and Kongemindet

Rytterknægten is Bornholm's highest point, 162 meters or 530 feet above sea level and almost at the middle of the island, a bit West of the echo valley and the Gamleborg viking fortress.

The Rytterknægten parking area with the Kongemindet tower on the West side

The 12,6 meter or 41 feet tall tower on the West side of Rytterknægten is Kongemindet or The Memory of the King, designed by architect Bindesbøll. It was erected 4 years after a visit by King Christian VII and his wife, Countess Danner, at Rytterknægten, in 1855.

The morial plaque telling the story about the Kongemindet tower

The memorial plaque on the tower tells the story: "In remembrance of his Majesty King Frederik VII's highest presence on this island from 8 till 16 August 1851 with his wife, the Bornholmers out of subjectorial reverence erected this building in the year 1855 and gave it the name Kongemindet."

The view from Kongemindet towards South

The entire area is covered in forest, which has been growing and limiting the view considerably since. In 1899 the metal structure on top of the building was added, bringing the height up to 184 meter or 602 feet, which equals the highest point in Denmark, Ejer Bavnehøj in Jutland. However, the trees continue growing, and as you can see it may be time for another addition to the tower.

The weather radar located close to Kongemindet

Close to the Kongemindet tower is one of four weather radars in Denmark, taking advantage of the for Denmark great height above the sea to bring the Danes more precise weather reports.

The platform on top with one staircase for coming up and one for going down

The design of the iron part of the tower is somewhat peculiar, with two separate staircases, one for ascending and one for descending. The presence of the two staircases limit the available space on top of the tower considerably.

A closeup of the Kongemindet tower on Rytterknægten

Note the decorations around the granite part of the tower - a contemporary description from the time of erection talked of the tower decorations as "Lion heads and weldings". The building was paid in full by a collection among the islanders, giving some idea of the popularity of the King and Danish royal house.


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