Rønne, Bornholm

Rønne is the capital of the island of Bornholm, located on the Southwestern coast at a natural harbour.

Rønne seen from the sea West of Bornholm

This is the first view of Rønne seen from the ferry when approaching from the North.

The Bornholmstrafikken rapid ferry bringing most of the car traffic to Bornholm

Most of the traffic to and from Bornholm goes via Rønne Harbour and the Bornholmstrafikken ferries from Ystad in Sweden and Køge in Denmark.

Storetorv is the closest thing to a center of town in Rønne

Storetorv is the center of Rønne. The town has about 9000 inhabitants and is the biggest town on Bornholm.

The lighthouse in Rønne Harbour

Rønne first gained importance with growing the herring fishery in the Baltic Sea. When that stopped, the town turned to ceramics, and you still find some 50 ceramics producers around Bornholm. Today Rønne and Bornholm is primarily depending on tourism.

Saint Nicolai Church in Rønne

The main church in Rønne is the Saint Nicolai Church, dedicated to the saint of seafarers. It was originally built in 1275, and has undergone several renovations and architectural changes up until as late as 1995.

A small pictoresque street in Rønne called Stettestræde

Rønne was subject to bombing by Soviet bombers at the end of the Second World War when the German commandant of the occupying forces refused to surrender. Most of the houses in Rønne were affected by the bombs and Rønne went through several years of rebuilding, but with respect to the architecture of the existing houses. Today Rønne has many quaint streets with several half-timbered houses throughout.


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