Nylars Round Church

Nylars Round Church in a full view

Nylars Round Church or Rundkirke is one of the two larger round churches on Bornholm. Nylars Round Church is located just 9.5 kilometers from the island capital Rønne, an 11 minute car ride. Nylars Round Church dates from the mid 12th century and was one of the refugees of the locals in case of pirate or robber gang attacks in the area.

The inside center room of the Nylars Rundkirke

The nave is supported by a large, single column in the center of the perfect circle of the meter or more than three feet thick outer walls. The pulpit is in French Empire style and is from the early 19th century.

The center room and choir in the Nylars Round Church

The frieze of the top of the center column consists of frescoes from the 13th century and show seven events from The Book Of Genesis in the Bible, one of which has unfortunately been lost today.

The altar in Nylars Rundkirke

Note the cherub blowing in a trumpet which is hanging from the ceiling above the altar. The altar cloth is a new addition from 1992, it is named Water Of Life and was made by the artist Annelise Kofoed-Hansen.

One of two runic stones inside the entry of the Nylars Round Church

There are two runic stones on either side of the main door on the inside. The inscription on the larger one says: "Sasser erected this stone to his father Halvard, he drowned at sea with all his crew. Holy Christ have mercy on his soul. May this stone be longlasting." Both runic stones are from the end of the viking era.

The Nylars Round Church from Southeast

The single square tower to the left or West of Nylars Round Church is the bell tower, and contains two bells. It was originally a barbican in connection with the ring wall or palisades which used to surround the church/fortress.





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