Nyker Round Church

Nyker Round Church seen from the South

Nyker Round Church or rundkirke, or present day name Ny Kirke or New Church, is the smallest of the Bornholm round churches.

Nyker Rundkirke from Southwest

Nyker Round Church was first built in 1250-1275 and was never finished the way it was intended from the beginning. The square holes just under the roof are not meant for shooting arrows out of but were made to channel rainwater out of the church.

A closeup of the roof tiles on Nyker Round Church

The wooden tiled roof was added when the church stopped being used as a defensive fortification against the frequent attacks by pirates and Baltic tribes on Bornholm. Before that the roof was flat, and the stairways leading to the former roof are still in place inside the church.

A closeup of the spire on Nyker Rundkirke

The church spire is both meant as decoration, but also as a lightning rod and weather vane.

The bell tower of the Nyker Round Church

The bell tower is, as is customary for the round churches, a separate building apart from the church itself.

The Nyker Round Church seen from Southeast

The Nyker Round Church has several inside decorations from 1600 and later, including a board listing the plague victims of the area in the 17th century and a list of priests that have served in Nyker Round Church since the 18th century.


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