Hasle Museum Smokehouses

The Museum smokehouses in Hasle have recently been turned into a working museum, showing an important and very tasty part of Bornholm history - fishery and fish processing.

The Hasle Smokehouse Museum in Hasle on Bornholm

The Hasle Smokehouses are located just South of Hasle Harbour on the West coast of Bornholm.

The yard between the 2 Southernmost smokehouses in Hasle

The Hasle Smokehouses were built to smoke herring, but today you can also get smoked trout, smoked salmon and smoked eel.

The smokehouse chimneys have a very distinctive shape

All smokehouses on Bornholm have these distinctive square chimneys which can be seen all over Bornholm even today.

The inside of a smokehouse in Hasle where the fish is smoked

Smoking herring takes a few hours in one of these ovens. At Hasle Museumsrøgeri a batch of fish is put into the ovens at eight in the morning and are ready to eat at noon.

The before and after picture of the firewood used in the smoking process

The wood used in the smoking process is Alderwood. This is a before and after picture of the wood used in the ovens. When the smoking is finished, the leftovers are taken outside to cool down.

You can buy and enjoy the produce of the smokehouses in the yard

If you time your visit to Hasle Museumsrøgeri right and arrive at noon, you can buy and eat freshly smoked herring, trout, salmon or eel at the smokehouse cafeteria and enjoy it outside between two smokehouses with the Baltic Sea as backdrop.

The Hasle Museum Smokehouses seen from South

Hasle is the first town North of Rønne, a fifteen minute drive away. This is both a great cultural and gastronomical experience on Bornholm.


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