Hasle seen from the Ystad-Bornholm ferry

Hasle is a small town with about 1800 inhabitants, a few kilometers North of the island capital Rønne on the West coast of Bornholm.

A street in Hasle

Hasle was first mentioned as a market town around 1550AD and played an important role in the Uprising of the people of Bornholm against the new Swedish masters after Bornholm was given to Sweden after a peace treaty between Denmark and Sweden in 1659. In short the people of Bornholm rebelled and threw the Swedes out basically and told the Danish king that they were Danes and were part of the Kingdom of Denmark and don't try that again!

The Chruch in Hasle

Hasle church is from around 1450AD, even though it is first mentioned in writing in 1569. The church is late gothic, with a red brick addition from 1882.

A runic stone in the Hasle Graveyard

The runic stone in Hasle Graveyard, Marevadstenen, was raised around 1100AD. It says: "Aulakr lod rejse sten denne efter sasur fader sin bonde god Gud hjælpe sjæl hans og sankte Michael". It translates into "Ølak let raise this stone after his father Sasser, a good farmer. God and Saint Michael help his soul".

The harbour in Hasle

Hasle Harbour is one of the Bornholm harbours that is still used commercially, as the Fish preparation plant that supplies all McDonalds restaurants in Europe with the fish paddies to the MacFish burgers is located here in Hasle Harbour.

A typical half-timbered house in Hasle

There are many half-timbered houses in Hasle, a typical building style on Bornholm.


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