The little town of Gudhjem is a picturesque former artist's colony on Northeast Bornholm.

Gudhjem seen from the Baltic Sea

Gudhjem has existed as a settlement since the stone age, and was mentioned as a merchant town in a written source in 1664 AD. Bornholm has been a crossroads between what today is Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic countries for millennia. A group of artists gathered and worked in Gudhjem in the early 20th century, taking advantage of the strong light from the sea.

Gudhjem seen from the Southern end of the harbour

The streets in Gudhjem are all narrow because of the town's location on a rocky slope. Cycling in Gudhjem is not allowed for the same reason. The harbour is home to the ferry going to Christiansø and a boat tour to Helligdommen and the museum of modern art further up the coast. Many leisure boats make a stop in the harbour when sailing around Bornholm.

The main street in Gudhjem

This is the main street in Gudhjem. Second house from the left is the tourist information office. Most cafes and restaurants hide in the yards and on terraces behind the houses, often with a view of the Baltic Sea.

A navigational aide on the main street of Gudhjem

Åbogade is one of the widest streets in Gudhjem. The half-timbered house is very typical of the building style, and note the triangular foundations under the houses because of the slope.

Smokehouse chimneys in Gudhjem

Gudhjem was an important part of the Bornholm fishing industry in the 19th century, and at one point had 25 smokehouses working to treat the herring that was brought in by the fishing fleet. The easily distinguishable square smokehouse chimneys are still very visible today in the Gudhjem skyline.

Gudhjem Smokehouse seen from the sea

Gudhjem Smokehouse next to the flag is one of the main attractions today, offering smoked herring as well as smoked salmon, eel, mackerel etc. as well as a fish buffet to visitors.

The Sol Over Gudhjem sandwich as served at the Gudhjem Smokehouse on Bornholm

Gudhjem is famous for a kind of smørrebrød or open sandwich called "Sol over Gudhjem" or Sun over Gudhjem, a piece of smoked herring on rye with a raw egg yolk on top, sprinkled with salt. The Sol Over Gudhjem in the picture has had chopped radishes and chopped chives added to the recipe. The sandwich has become very popular, and you can buy a "Sol Over <replace Gudhjem with the name of any other Bornholm town>" sandwiches which are the exact same sandwich.


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