Bornholms Rovfugleshow

The Bornholm Birds of Prey Show on a converted farm at Nyker a bit East of Rønne is an extraordinary experience for everybody. You see birds of prey you normally only see at long distances right next to you and observe their flying skills up close.

The birds of prey show arena at Bornholms Rovfugleshow

The show takes place at the outdoor arena whenever possible. Rain or strong winds do not bother the birds, but it tends to bother visitors, so a converted barn is available when needed.

Martin wirh the kestrels Pil and Puk

This is falconer Martin with the two kestrels Pil and Puk. The kestrels are very agile and surprisingly light for their size, but they are masters at capturing birds in mid flight.

A prairie owl feeding on a mouse

This little prairie owl is naturally inclined to walk rather than fly, but is a good flyer when it needs to. The falconer has given it a mouse carcass which it is dragging off to enjoy in privacy.

A falcon called Darwin

The falconer Louise is holding a falcon named Darwin. Thre falcon is a relatively large bird of prey and is the kind of bird you normally connect with falconers and hunting with birds of prey.

The kestrels enjoy landing on visitors' heads

The two kestrels are one of the reasons why you get very close to the birds - they enjoy landing on the heads of the visitors. Although it is an unusual feeling to have a kestrel on the top of your head it is really quite enjoyable.

The buzzard Tristan landing on the arm of the falconer

The buzzard named Tristan is landing on falconer Louise's arm after a flight to demostrate its hunting skills.

The vulture has a lot of personality

The vulture is another experience altogether. It is very large, not very graceful on the ground and equipped with quite a personality. When the vulture is out, the falconers never quite know what to expect from it, and it has its own preferred route from the arena to its cage and nobody can talk it into anything else. Like the birds of prey show in general, the vulture is an exciting experience.


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