What is SnapMobile Development?

SnapMobile is a Chicago based company formed in the year 2015. SnapMobile Development, on the other hand, is a technique aiming at making mobile app building simple, fast and affordable. Within four weeks, the company can customize Mobile App Development. Additionally, they charge one flat fee for their services.

SnapMobile approach enables the firm to build amazing experiences at a customer friendly flat fee. Contrasted with other typical agencies, SnapMobile offers mobile app development services at a much affordable price. Currently, their key customers include high ranking organizations. They are among others Kimpton Hotel; Pop-A-Shot; Astor Investment Management; Spike ball; Creative Group; BBVA Bank; Mitsubishi and Hilton.

SnapMobile offers the following services to their clients Hybrid App Development; Android App Development; iOS App Development; Mobile Product Design; Prototyping and Concept Design and Mobile App Strategy.

As per to various client’s testimonials, it is apparent that SnapMobile offers an amazing experience for their customers. According to Mitsubishi’s Head of Corporate Development, Pat Simon, SnapMobile Development program helps them in faster marketing. He highlights that the experience is much faster than they could imagine. Additionally, SnapMobile does a great due diligence job especially by understanding their clients and offering them with a diversity of ideas.


SnapMobile has a wide customer base. A comprehensive list of their key customers is as follows. They include:

  • MyBody Tutor;

  • FastMore Logistics;

  • InTech;

  • Edelman;

  • FC Valet;
  • Kimpton Hotel;

  • Maple & Ash;

  • Insureon;
  • Chicago Sport & Social;
  • Astor Investment Management;
  • StoryPoint Sr. Living;
  • Creative Group;
  • Pop-A-Shot;
  • Hilton;

  • Mitsubishi;

  • BBVA Bank;
  • Spikeball.


Since its formation, SnapMobile Development has completed several projects. Remarkably, most of these projects have received five-star ratings. Web development for survey results is the first project in the list. The project is a website developed by SnapMobile from scratch through the integration of Net Promoter Score System and survey data. Remarkably, the project received a 4.9-star rating.

The second project is the “App Development for Education Optimization Company.” The project aimed at assisting with the professional growth of employees. In coming up with the final project, SnapMobile Development assisted with the conceptualization and creation of a series of prototypes. The project received a 4.5 stars rating.

The third project is Mobile App & Web Development for Member Only Lifestyle Organization. In this project, SnapMobile came up with a mobile app that sought to offer a connection for the members of the social club. Other solutions and services that the project provided are among others event coordination and user profiles. Additionally, SnapMobile Development provided branding assistance and built a matching website. The app received a five-star rating.

Another spectacular application developed by SnapMobile was “Web App Dev. of Custom Graphic Design Tool.” The app was intended to help in the facilitation of promotional flyers creation. The application includes preset templates, admin account, and a login portal. Remarkably, the app has a five-star rating.



SnapMobile Development also developed a five-star rated App Dev. for Lifestyle App. SnapMobile assisted in the development of this particular app that sought to prompt holistic and personal wellness decisions through a simple notification. SnapMobile assisted in developing a similar app, Application Dev. for Health Organization, which also seeks to improve the personal health of individuals.