How to Create Perfect Dating App That Meets User Satisfy

Some factors such as the expectations of the users need to be considered when creating a dating App. For the case of a dating app, the following step will help app development company such as Blue Label Labs develop a perfect app:

  1. Sketch the idea of the app;
  2. Conduct market research;
  3. Develop the mockups of the app;
  4. Develop the graphic design of the app;
  5. Create the landing page of the app;
  6. Ensure the dating app has Swift as well as the Xcode;
  7. Launch the dating app in the play store;
  8. Conduct marketing to ensure the app target audience know about it;
  9. Use the user’s feedback to improve the dating app.

When sketching the idea of a dating app like tinder, key features such as the upload picture option, the comment option, inbox option, the status option, interest options, among others. The diagram below shows a sketch of a dating app.



Figure 1: A sketch of a dating app.
The profile of the app should allow the user to include their personal information such as the sex, occupation, age, residence and others. With this list, it becomes easy to develop the mockup which is the sketch of the dating’s app layout. Besides, the graphic design of this mobile app can easily be designed. The picture below shows an example of a mockup app;



Figure 2: A picture showing an example of a mockup app.
The landing page should then be created in a unique and attractive way. The fact that several dating apps exist, it is advisable to ensure that the landing page is well detailed such as the one in the image below. This helps users to learn about the app and therefore go a step forward and download it. An effective landing page will create a perfect groundwork for the dating app. In turn, this will help build the app itself. The app will then be developed using the Xcode for the case of the iOS apps and Swift for other apps. After following these steps to the latter, the dating mobile app will be ready for launch in the play store. Feedbacks from the users can then be used to perfect it and fix the minor errors that may exist thereby improving its quality. The image below shows a dating app with various key features.



Figure 3: An image showing a dating app with various key features.



What user expect to see

Due to the recent cases of rape that users of dating apps especially females have gone through, consumers of my dating app will expect an app with a security option. I will ensure that my app has sections where users can fill all their information. The reason behind this is that by getting all the information such as interests, age and residence it will be easy to follow up the users in case of an emergency. Additionally, the should compose of a push button which users can press when in any case of danger. The button will work as an alarm when pushed and the support team can notify the police. This will help reduce the crime rate that emanates from dating sites. Additionally, the app should contain a swipe option where the users can swipe pictures of the people they are interested in and message them. The message should be designed in a manner that it enables the users to chat either privately or publicly. The image below shows a dating app with a swipe option.



Figure 4: Image of a dating app with a swipe option.

Local dating app

Notably, local dating app has several advantages such as it allows users to find people who are within their environs. The user of the dating app can use the filter to search for a partner of a given gender, age, and interest. On the same note, they can use the location to find a person of their choice. Aspects such as academic institutions, worship places, organizations, estates and others are useful to local dating apps since they help users find their perfect match. Consumers of this app prefer finding local partners since they can easily meet physically. The diagram below shows an interface of a local dating app.

Figure 5: A diagram showing an interface of a local dating app.

How to monetize your dating app

After creating your dating app, it will be easier to monetize it. The first aspect of dating app monetization is the gamification of the app. A small fee is set for a game which enables the users to participate in the game before meeting their right partners. A fee of about $9.99 can be charged before users participate in games where they try to find out people with the qualities they are looking for. The second aspect is to use pop up adverts to make money. Since many people tend to download and use highly rated dating apps, adverts can be placed there such that they pop up when they are using the app. The owner of the app is therefore paid for by the company that they are advertising for. Once the app has become popular, some features can be added and a fee can be introduced for one to upgrade the app.


In conclusion, the creation of a dating app should be done comprehensively but still objectively. Besides aspects such as messaging, share, and profile options the dating app should include other options such as the push button for security, swipe option and chat platform. All these make the app meet users’ needs since they are assured of security. Also, the systematic creation of the app ensures the app is detailed and meets all the user’s needs. The mockups and the graphic design help create a perfect app which helps users find perfect dating partners. It also enables the users to find a platform where they can comfortably interact with each other.